Our Mission Statement

At PT Torishima Guna Engineering, we are wholly committed to excellence and our long-term goal is to become a world-class Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) company.

We strive to be a significat player in the development of infrastructure and industry by providing quality engineering and system solutions.

At PT Torishima Guna Engineering, we are committed to five basic values :

-  Recognizing our employees as our most important assets
-  Creating quality engineering and systems solutions for our customers
-  Always adhering to good business ethics and conforming to related legislation
-  Protecting the environment and supporting the community
-  Always adopting continous improvement in all our work

In line with our parent companies, Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Japan and PT Guna Elektro of Indonesia, we are dedicated to working for a better future for all, in terms or our work both in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific Region.

At Torishima Guna Engineering, we are committed to fully satisfy our customers in the energy and chemical industries, in water works and the environment, in district and urban development, and in machine other industries.

Our Vision for The Future

At Torishima Guna Engineering, we believe that Asia is the region of the future, and we are a company geared towards a total vision of that future

We strive to implement a genuine global culture, and a strong vision providing clarify to our goals. As a producer and manufacturer we implement technology to its full advantages in the global marketplace.

We are committed towards taking steps in building a cleaner environment. Our primary focus is towards designing and contructing environmental protection systems and facilities, which would contribute in creating a balance nature and thus enchancing the quality of human life.

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